What is Cloud Video Surveillance?


CloudVDO Is Video Surveillance as a Service & How Does It Work?

Video Surveillance as a Service is a web-hosted, IP security camera that allows you to remotely store, manage, record, play and monitor surveillance footage – entirely in the cloud. The footage is not stored onsite, and you don’t need recording software, only an IP security camera, an Internet connection and DVRS a provider in Cloud Video Storage.

How does CloudVDO work?

CloudVDO is a remote approach to video surveillance systems, as opposed to an on-site video security system. With CloudVDO, IP security cameras are installed at the desired location and then stream surveillance footage to DVRS. Since CloudVDO is managed in the cloud, you can access footage or cameras from anywhere at any time through a desktop, laptop or mobile device.

What Makes CloudVDO Different from Analog Security Systems?

Cloud-based video, CloudVDO also offers simple, minimal maintenance and an affordable and safe approach to security for prospective clients who are searching for reliable and scalable alternatives to existing security systems. 



DVRS - Smart Phone App

DVRS-CLOUDVDO-360 - Quad View
DVRS-CLOUDVDO-360-Perimeter View

Hanwha Techwin 360 Fisheye Camera

Hanwha Techwin 360 Fisheye Camera in Quad View

Extended View

Perimeter View

Quad View


Hanwha Techwin 360 Degree Fisheye

 Cloudvdo Video Storage